What Makes WhatsApp Beta Messenger Different? Let’s Find The Answer!

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One of the most widely used chat applications is WhatsApp. Therefore, WhatsApp continues to develop and innovate. So, the application becomes the best chat application by releasing WhatsApp Beta Messenger. Then, what makes this application different?

There are several differences between WhatsApp Beta Messenger and the official WhatsApp. For example, ranging from security, a number of users, and also features available. If you are still curious about what makes the Beta version of this messenger different, see the review below.

The Difference in WhatsApp Beta Messenger

There are some differences from WhatsApp Beta Messenger. For example, the WhatsApp beta version cannot be used by all WhatsApp users. Only a few people can enjoy this version. This is because it is an unofficial version of WhatsApp that is still being tested.

Therefore, security has not been tested so that not everyone can access the application. Unlike the official WhatsApp that many people use, or WhatsApp that is not a Beta version. WhatsApp has proven its feasibility and safety so it is safe if many people use it.

So, what makes it different? The answer is the limitations of the users and its safety has not been tested. In addition, the difference is in the various features available in the Beta version of WhatsApp Messenger.

This Beta has many interesting and different features than the official version of WhatsApp. However, the feature is still in the testing phase. So, this feature is sometimes still disabled by WhatsApp. Then, what are the features in this application, see the information below.

The Features of WhatsApp Beta Messenger

What makes WhatsApp Beta Messenger different is there are some features in WhatsApp beta. Some of these features are very useful for users because they can facilitate them to do various activities in the WhatsApp application. Here are the latest features of the Beta version that you should know:

1. Dark Mode

The feature most people are waiting for is the dark mode on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has done this feature for users on Android or iPhone. Furthermore, WhatsApp will release this dark mode to meet the desires of its users.

With this feature, WhatsApp users can change their background to dark. This feature is the same as a dark mode on the Twitter application and also Instagram. In addition, this feature also makes it easy for WhatsApp users to chat in a dark environment.

2. Share Contacts via QR Code

What makes it different is the contact-sharing feature using the QR code. This feature allows WhatsApp users to generate QR containing contact details. Users can then share this QR code in the form of encryption.

This feature is similar to the QR code feature that is already on Instagram. With this feature, WhatsApp users will find it easier to share contacts. Contact sharing is no longer manual, so contact sharing is easier, more practical and efficient. WhatsApp is still developing this share contacts via QR code feature until now.

3. In-App Browser

Sometimes WhatsApp users have difficulty when they want to open a link in WhatsApp chat. The link is sometimes difficult to directly connect to the browser or device takes a long time to respond.

WhatsApp will make it easier for users to open links with an in-app browser. This feature allows users to explore the WhatsApp application by using the link in the WhatsApp chat. Then, you will be able to open the link directly in the WhatsApp application.

This feature will replace your old way when opening a link that usually requires a browser. Here is the answer to the question about what makes it different.

4. Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Stories

The next feature that is more interesting is the feature that allows WhatsApp users to share their status with Facebook Stories. So, users do not need to do resharing manually to Facebook Stories. WhatsApp will add the “Add to Facebook Story” button on WhatsApp Status.

So, WhatsApp users can post their WhatsApp Status as Facebook Stories easily without re-sharing. WhatsApp users will see this option if they install the Facebook application on their device. So, if you want to enjoy the beta version of the WhatsApp feature, users must install the Facebook application on the device.

5. Fingerprint Authentication and Block Chat Screenshots

WhatsApp has launched a fingerprint authentication feature for iOS. Now, WhatsApp is testing this feature on Android so that all users from iOS or Android devices can take advantage of this feature. This feature is very important for the security of WhatsApp users’ chat.

In addition, WhatsApp also tests other features that can block users when taking chat screenshots. However, to access this feature, users must enable the fingerprint authentication feature. When users activate the fingerprint authentication feature, they cannot take screenshots in the WhatsApp application.

Now you can answer the question about what makes WhatsApp Beta Messenger different, right? The difference is significant. But for your device and data to be safe, you should use the official version of WhatsApp, not the Beta version. However, if you have the ability to review or can provide input about the development of WhatsApp, you can use the Beta version of it.

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